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Field Service Team

Daniele Spinelli

I joined Bitburger Brewing Group on the  18th of February. I am responsible for North West of Italy. Previously, I worked for AB-InBev starting in 2005 so have been in the beer industry for some time. 

Luca Venturi:

My name is Luca. I started working for the Bitburger International Division on 1st April 2019. For the past 10 years I worked in the beverages industry – 6 years for Coca Cola HBC and 4 years for AB-INBEV. Now I will be responsible for North-East Italy (Area Nielsen 2) I’m very happy to be part of International Division and to be part of the new team in Italy. I think that we have a lot of opportunities to increase the market share of our brands.

It will be a good challenge and we will have a lot of fun with our new DREAM TEAM!! My favourite beer is Bitburger Kellerbier

Daniela Palazzi:

My name is Daniela Palazzi, I started working for the Bitburger Brewing Group on 1st of July 2018 and I am the responsible for the sales of our brands in the centre and South of Italy. My career in the beer world started in Carlsberg almost twenty years ago. I joined the company as a Promoter and then I became Regional Key Account in centre of Italy. After that, I took a coffee break - working with the Italian leading company Lavazza in the north of Italy for more than four years.  Now I am back in my beloved beer sector. I live near Roma, in the ancient city of Cerveteri and I travel every day to build my customer’s love of our brands.

Edgardo Bonati

I started working for the Bitburger Brewing Group on 1st of February 2019. I am an Expert in the Italian Off Trade market, with strong experience in Consumer Goods and sales organization. I have held previous positions in beer companies as Sales Director Off Trade for WARSTEINER ITALIA, and National Key Account and Area Manager for SAB.Miller.  I am really looking forward to challenge of growing our brands in the Italian Off Trade over the coming years.

Nadine Lua

I have been with the company since August 2015 as an Area Sales Manager for the On-Trade in France and as of 1st of May I have also taken over the responsibility for the Off-Trade. My goal is to give the opportunity to drink and buy our Bitburger products all over France – both On-Trade and Off trade.

Anouk Matte

I have been working for the Bitburger group for 1 year and 3 months in Sabine Kalenborn's team. I am responsible for the development of our brands for the west  and South of France. I am very motivated and optimistic. The fact that these regions are geographically far from the German borders motivates me even more to succeed!

Kristofer Erlenkamp

I started working for the Bitburger International Division on September 1st 2018. For the past 3 years, I have worked for the Radeberger Gruppe KG. I was responsible during this time for the gastronomic sales in an area in North Rhine Westphalia. I have been responsible for the Netherlands in the gastronomy and food retail sector since 1 September 2018.

Benedikt Wimmer

My name is Ben Wimmer and I've been working since August 1. for the Bitburger Braugruppe. I'm GVL for Belgium and Luxemburg and more specifically for gastronomy and trade. My focus is on Luxemburg Off Trade. I come from the German speaking part of Belgium and I'm a father of 2 little children (Alice 4 years old and Louis 2 years old). My wife Marie works in Brussels.
Since January we came back to the countryside, after living 10 years in the capital city. At the moment we enjoy life in our nice garden, with sunny weather and of course with a good Bitburger Pils in our hands.

Ignacio Martinez Lafuente

My name is Ignacio Martinez Lafuente. I have been working for the Bitburger Brewery Group since 01/05/2016, I just completed three years in the Bitburger group. I am responsible for Spain and Portugal since 01/03/2018. My work experience is more than thirty years with beverage products in the Spanish market, both in the OFF-trade and On-trade. I have developed my work in companies such as Anheusser Buchs, Mahou, Warsteiner Brauerei within the world of beer; also with other products in companies such as Juice Pago and Fever Tree.