Craftwerk Brewing


In 1817 the Bitburger Privatbrauerei was founded as a small country brewery. Dr. Axel Simon (6th generation of entrepreneurs) built an independent brewery in 1990 as an internal research and development center. In our think tank, we not only experimented, but also brewed great specialities from the very beginning. These brews were simply too good not to drink all the time - so in 2013 Craftwerk Brewing was born.


We at Craftwerk Brewing interpret classic, international beer styles in a new, modern way and with all our brewing expertise. This brewing expertise, our innovation and our high quality standards were handed down to us by the Bitburger Privatbrauerei, which has lived and brewed according to these principles for over 200 years.

Our Craftwerk beers are unmistakable beer creations with extraordinary taste and always brewed with love, passion and dedication.


We offer unique beer specialities for people who love variety and diversity and want to set themselves apart with their quality standards and individual style. Here we combine the expertise and skills of all Bitburger master brewers. It is their special spirit and passion that drives them to break new ground every day. The variety of our beers with all their taste nuances is the result of selected, high-quality malt and hop varieties as well as innovative recipes.

With our Craftwerk specialities we want to inspire people and share our enthusiasm for extraordinary beer creations with our products and in limited editions.

Excellent taste

Our Craftwerk beers have already convinced national and international expert juries for several years in succession. We are especially proud of the World Beer Awards - 2x gold and 1x silver for the best beers from Germany in the respective category. Our Hop Head⁷ has also proven its special taste in 2018.

* In partnership with distributors Benediktiner Weißbräu GmbH