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Unique Retail Sampling Promotion – Insights from Our Dutch Partner

Jumbo, the well-known Dutch grocery store chain, is one of our new partners in the Netherlands – with a market share of 21.5% local retail, and almost 700 outlets across the country. A family-owned business, Jumbo is the fastest growing grocery store chain in the Netherlands – so it was a real pleasure to partner up with them earlier this year to establish a fun sampling campaign for Jumbo customers. Earlier this year, we had the opportunity to participate in a product-sampling promotion with e-commerce customers, offering Benediktiner Alkoholfrei. Approximately 30,000 households that had bought different nonalcoholic beers, cold and warm snacks, pizzas, or meat and BBQ products were targeted in the promotion. They received a 0.5 l bottle of Benediktiner Alkoholfrei for free along with a fantastic flyer “So close to heaven.” Designed by the Brewery, it contained additional facts about Benediktiner Alkoholfrei and the Benediktiner Weissbräu brand (in Dutch).

The campaign was launched in May, with the overall goal of generating repeat orders as well as expanding distribution among potential new Benediktiner Alkoholfrei customers. “The promotion was very easy to implement and straightforward to carry out. It has taken us one large step towards significantly growing the strength of our brand and our distribution in the market,” says Sabine Kalenborn, Regional Sales Manager Southwestern Europe at Bitburger Brewery Group.

If you would also like to implement a campaign like this with your customers in future, feel free to speak with your designated contact partner at the Brewery to brainstorm, discuss, and plan it together!

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* In cooperazione per la distribuzione delle birre della Benediktiner Weissbräu GmbH