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Meet the CREW!

In exciting news, we have partnered with Munich-based CREW Republic to add their award-winning range of beers to our international portfolio as of April 1, 2022. Founded by Timm and Mario in 2011, CREW Republic is one of Germany’s leading craft beer brands today. It’s why we are all the more thrilled about showcasing their top-notch beers as their exclusive global sales and distribution partners.

We’d like to build on this exciting partnership by inviting our partners and fellow beer lovers to join the craft beer revolution with us and become part of the CREW. Our sales team will reach out to you soon with more information and sampling opportunities. In the meantime, if you would like to get to know CREW Republic and their select beers that are available ex-works in Duisburg and Bitburg, you can read more in the attached presentation or on CREW's website here (website currently only available in German).

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* In cooperazione per la distribuzione delle birre della Benediktiner Weissbräu GmbH