German Beer
Purity Law

The World’s Oldest Law Related to Food and Drink

The German Beer Purity laws were introduced in 1516 by Bavarian Duke Wilhelm IV, and continue to dictate how beer is produced in Germany to this day. This makes it the oldest surviving law in the world related to food and drink. It is one of the foundations that Bitburger Brewery Group have built on to achieve the highest level of quality.  

Specially Selected Ingredients to Ensure Consistent Quality

To establish a consistent level of quality in brewing, and to prevent dangerous experimentation, the Bavarian Duke Wilhelm IV issued his German Beer Purity law on 23rd April 1516. This law stipulated that only water, malted barley and hops were allowed to be used as ingredients for beer production. 

The Importance of Yeast

It took until the 19th century for the importance of a fourth ingredient, yeast, to be recognised. Yeast plays an essential role during beer fermentation. 

Brewing Without Additives

Beer from Bitburger Brewery Group has always been free from artificial flavouring and additives. Even as modern brewing techniques have developed, the Bitburger Brewery Group has always stayed true to the ingredients prescribed by the German Beer Purity laws to guarantee the unique, natural taste that comes with them.   

Protectors of the German Beer Purity Law

The German Beer Purity laws are recognised worldwide as a sign of superior beer quality. 

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