So close to

Benediktiner Weissbier

The closest thing to heaven – Benediktiner Weissbier

Keeping calm, making time to do good things, taking the greatest care with everything, and having respect for everything and everyone. These values are key to the way of life for Benedictine monks, and these principles also characterise the production and enjoyment of Benediktiner beer. Both our top-fermented Benediktiner Weissbier (wheat beer) and our bottom-fermented Benediktiner Hell lager are brewed follow original traditional recipes from Benedictine monks, using local brewing yeast from the town of Ettal and overseen by a special brewery guard. Forming an extraordinarily good experience, Benediktiner beers are so close to heaven, but still no stranger to earth.

Benediktiner’s premium beers are brewed following original Benedictine recipes using special brewing yeast from the village of Ettal. The beer is brewed under licence from Benediktiner Weissbräu GmbH in the town of Lich.

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